MALIOME Hackerspace is an Internet Marketer and Digital Startups co-working space in Yogyakarta.

Located in heart of Yogyakarta city, Jl. Kyai Mojo No.73 Tegalrejo Yogyakarta 55244. Locate us on Google Map here.

Office for NGONOO Media, IndoCPA Network, Mobiggr Mobile Performance, Addotta Ad Network,, Listeno, CSSummit and some new cool startups.

Co-working space for any creative person who need some work with their computer to running online business. We have wifi connection, desks, 7ft pool game table, comfort sofa-bed, Xbox Kinnect console game, TV cable and some cold drinks. All for free!

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We held regular community meetups and workshop. If you have any questions please contact us:

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